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B2B Services - Your Strategic Hub for Warehousing, Distribution, and Shipping

Optimizing Supply Chains with Tailored B2B Solutions

Navigating the complex channels of B2B commerce demands a reliable logistics partner. Welcome to 8 Logistics, where we bridge the gap between efficient warehousing, precise distribution, and reliable shipping – all under one roof.

Specialized Warehousing for E-Commerce

Flexible Storage Solutions

Customizable storage options to accommodate a diverse range of e-commerce products, from small consumer goods to large-scale items.

Advanced Inventory Systems

Utilize cutting-edge inventory management technology for accurate tracking, forecasting, and replenishment, crucial for e-commerce efficiency.

Secure and Accessible Facilities

Our warehouses are equipped with top-tier security measures and are strategically located for easy access and distribution.

Streamlined Distribution Networks

Rapid Order Fulfillment: Our distribution centers are optimized for the quick turnaround needed in e-commerce, ensuring your products are on the move promptly.

Multi-Channel Distribution: Capable of handling distribution across various e-commerce platforms and channels, providing a cohesive and consistent supply chain solution.

Scalable Solutions: Whether it’s a seasonal surge or business growth, our distribution services adapt to your changing demands.

Comprehensive Shipping Services Tailored for E-Commerce

Customized Shipping Plans: From express shipping for urgent orders to economical options for larger shipments, we offer a range of plans to meet diverse e-commerce needs.

Global Reach, Local Expertise: Our shipping services extend worldwide, backed by local knowledge and expertise to navigate different markets and shipping regulations.

Integrated Logistics: Seamless integration with your e-commerce systems for streamlined order processing and shipping.


Strategic Warehousing

Our warehouses, strategically located across Europe, offer safe and organized storage, ensuring your goods are well-protected and readily accessible.

Customized Distribution

Tailored to meet unique demands of B2B commerce, we ensure a smooth flow of goods from our warehouse to your business partners, be it wholesale orders.

Reliable Shipping Services

With an extensive network, we guarantee timely deliveries across Europe, whether through freight for bulk orders or parcel for smaller consignments.


Operational Efficiency

Streamlined processes that significantly reduce lead times, ensuring smooth operations.


Our tailored solutions are designed to cut down operational costs without compromising on service quality.

Enhanced Business Relations

Timely order fulfillment leading to satisfied business partners and long-term relations.

Elevate Your E-Commerce with 8 Logistics

As your logistics partner, 8 Logistics isn’t just about moving products; we’re about propelling your e-commerce business forward. Our B2B services are intricately designed to enhance every aspect of your e-commerce operations, from warehousing and distribution to shipping.

Why 8 Logistics?

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Streamline your supply chain, reduce overheads, and increase productivity.

Customized E-Commerce Focus

Solutions specifically developed with the e-commerce business model in mind.

Reliable and Consistent Service

We pride ourselves on our reliability and commitment to consistent, high-quality service.

Transform Your Supply Chains with 8 Logistics

Eager to transform your B2B logistics operations? Partner with 8 Logistics today, and let’s build a logistical framework that’s as ambitious as your business goals. Reach out to us and take the first step towards a seamless B2B logistics experience.
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